Adam Houston

American Impressionist Oil Painter

Frankenpainting - Impressionist Painting by Adam Houston


Oil on Canvas Board

No. 226 is horrendous but ended up being important. I did an incredibly careful underpainting, added color and was disappointed (again) by the results. This time, I decided that the composition could have been what was causing the problem. If it’s fundamentally flawed then no one could paint it, right?

So, I trimmed the bushes in the front, added a meadow in the back and a tree line in the distance. I worked it like crazy. And it still stunk.

The good news is that those changes helped things start clicking. I ended up using this one as sort of a frankenpainting for the remaining four to test colors and ideas. So the bushes grew again, the meadow disappeared and it shifted to a sunset. I had to be content with this one being a disaster so that the future ones could be better.

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