Adam Houston


Hi. My name is Adam and I’m an Atlanta, GA based artist. I bought my first set of oils at the age of 18 and immediately fell in love with the medium. Starting a design firm in 1999, and a family in 2005, kept me from actively pursuing painting until 2009 when I decided something needed to change.

I launched 100 Paintings by Adam in an attempt to set a very public goal of completing 100 paintings during 2010. The idea was that if the world, or at least my mom and sister, were watching then it would be harder for me to give up. I blogged about my journey and eventual path to the 100 paintings. The success of 2010 prompted me to do a repeat in 2011 as well.

Today, I am back to painting and am committed to following wherever it leads me. As a self taught artist there is an endless amount to learn and I look at each painting as a chance to take one more step in this journey.

Thanks for visiting!