Adam Houston

Numero Uno

Here is the first one. As you can tell we are working with a still life here and as referenced in the last post I am currently dealing with pears. I’ve probably painted six or seven different variations on this guy but he was chosen to go first. This was alright after the first pass but I came back and worked it some more to get it where it is today. I’m trying to limit the number of moving parts so I can focus on seeing what works and what does not work. So here we have a single pear on a simple background.

So there you go. One down, ninety-nine to go. If you are interested in purchasing this fine pear painting you can head over to my Etsy store and pick it up for ONE DOLLAR.

I know you can buy a junior bacon cheeseburger for that kind of cash but this is something you will ideally admire for much, much longer than the cheeseburger. Maybe.

Thanks for looking, and I will have the second in the series ready later in the week.