Follow the Leader
Oil on Canvas    |    20" x 20"

This painting was done earlier in the year, but I forgot to post it on the blog once I started back. It’s a commission for a friend who I’d done a smaller one for a couple years back. At 20″ x 20″, this is the largest canvas I worked on this year, and it took a while to complete.
This painting will be the last one of the year for me. 250 felt like a nice round number to stop at, and I’ve got a new batch ready for January. Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in 2015!!!

Marsh Pines III
Oil on Canvas Panel    |    6" x 8"

So here’s the last of the marsh pines paintings. The original idea with these was to focus on the dock/boardwalk but the harshness of the lines kept bothering me. So, I used a little artistic license and took it out. I have a whole bunch of new things starting next week.

Marsh Pines II
Oil on Linen Panel    |    6" x 8"

Here is the second (really third) of these pines. I was trying to simplify the colors and maintain a little more control over what went where. The oil primed linen was throwing me off and I could not shake this weird yellow tint on the whole thing.

Marsh Pines
Oil on Canvas Panel    |    6" x 8"

This painting is the second version of 246. After I got back to the studio I was able to quietly sit and really explore the scene. I edited out a number of the elements that were competing for focus and zeroed in on the main tree.

What I found after looking at the image was that there was this beautiful spot of light that was hitting the tree. The sunlight illuminated a specific spot on the tree and told me what the story was. So then, instead of it just being a painting of a tree it became a painting of how light hit the tree.

Gascoigne Dock
Oil on Canvas Panel    |    6" x 8"

This is a view of the Gascoigne dock on St. Simons Island. It was painted on location while I was there in October. As a beginner, it’s such a struggle to not be overwhelmed when painting outside. There is so much visual information to take in and I find it hard to get (mentally) in a place where I can only focus on the painting.
That said, there are always things I unknowingly capture when painting outside that don’t exist in the photo. This painting did not turn out good for a number of reasons but it still had important clues and information that I used when painting it again.

Sunlit Mums
Oil on Canvas Panel    |    6" x 8"

Les had bought some mums in the Fall, and these looked perfect in the light. I set up my easel on the front porch to tried and capture them.